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Export patches from Emacs' Notmuch

I’m reading several linux-kernel related mailing lists. They are full of proposed patches. And from time to time a few of them look interesting. So I wanted to have an easy (and fast) solution of exporting those patches: with a keystroke, and without the need of specifying patch names. Format of a patch email If you ever contributed a patch to Linux, you’d know that your patch must follow some formatting rules, or it might be ignored.

notmuch: automatically mark uninteresting mails as read

Now that I switched from Emacs’ GNUS to Emacs’ notmuch, I needed a method to automatically “discard” uninteresting mails. In some Linux mailing lists a huge amount of mails are about topics that I don’t care. So I a little shell script bin/ that polls the mails and efficiently marks uninteresting stuff as read.